Non-Invasive Bioelectronic Device to Treat
Major Depression and Neurological Disorders


Non-Invasive Bioelectronic Device to Treat

Major Depression and Nurological Disorders

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NeuroPrex Pitch: To Feel A Meaningful Life

NeuroPrex is developing a non-invasive magnetic stimulation device with shield protection and deeper energy delivery for treating major depression and other neurological disorders.

Our product will be able to deliver more healing eddy currents to a patient’s disorders with less patient discomfort than other designs. In addition, the cost of the device and treatment cost is expected to be materially lower than for other devices.

Here at NeuroPrex, we want to change things. We believe that people deserve better treatment plans than options between a rock and a hard place. People should be able to have an effective, affordable and less-invasive treatment with a fast healing period, and with few to no side effects. We want to create this kind of treatment, which is always good.

TMS Therapy at Home Is Possible

NeuoPrex is the TMS technology pioneer, that makes home use at lower cost possible. This is because of  our proprietary coils and shield design.

No other TMS device can do this.

We provide NPX-101 rTMS TM, a unique homecare system, which can ultimately save travel time for patients, reduce the cost in half

for healthcare providers, yet provide a comfortable, durable and effective device, for acute and maintenance therapy for patients to use at home. 

Doctors can join the service network to provide real-time support for their patients at off-clinic site.This would be especially good for young patients, who feel embarrassed, reluctant to go clinics, who prefer to receive therapy at home.

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